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The Lost Colony

Ananias Dare

Directed by: Ira David Wood III

Choreographed by: Pam Atha

Fight Choreographed by: Robert Midgette

Music Directed by: McCrae Hardy

Stage Managed by: Lily Archambault

Richard II

Bushy, Willoughby, Fitzwater, etc.

Directed by: Eleanor Holdridge

Fight Choreographed by: Bill Warriner

Stage Managed by: Paige Gober

I was the Fight Captain for this production


Reynaldo, Gravedigger, Player

Directed by: Brian Vaughn

Fight Choreographed by: Tony Simotes

Stage Managed by: Emily Calamanco

I was the Fight Captain for this production

Horn in the West

Ensemble/Jack Stuart

Directed by: Theresa Lee/Chris Bellinger

Choreographed by: Shauna Godwin/Karina Simonis

Fight Choreographed by: David Reed

Music Directed by: Tyler Young

Stage Managed by: Cassey Lanier/Amanda Manos

2016/2017 productions